About Esme

Esme skincare & candle products are lovingly handmade using natural and organic materials. Essentials oils are 100% pure theraputic grade.

ESMĒ began when my sister and I decided to create hand-made gifts for family ‘made with love’ rather than spend money on impersonal, materialistic items. 

We always liked the idea of natural and organic skin care products, and once we began to use them, we knew we could never go back to the potentially harmful products we had used in the past. 

Due to the increasingly popular demand for natural, environmentally friendly and organic products, we decided to be part of the solution and began to market our products.

If we were going to market our products we needed a name that gave our products meaning and mana. Esmē was our Nana’s name, very appropriately named, as she was strong, kind  and caring by nature. Therefore ‘ESMĒ – Made with love’ seemed a very befitting name in her honour.


Thank you for your interest in our loving journey into all things beautiful for our skin and body.


Carolyn and Anne-Maree