Cacay Face Cream

Cacay Oil Benefits

Cacay Oil Benefits

For the past several years I’ve been spending money on moderate to high cost moisturizers and beauty creams, in hope of finding that miracle anti-aging product. An event in time change my life and I decided it was time for more care and love needed to be put into products we were slapping on our bodies, not to mention what effect a lot of these products were doing to the environment.

With that in mind, I started to research sustainable oils in their purest form and then took it a step further to create my own natural Face Cream, with just the bare minimum ingredients and organic where possible as well as supporting local or NZ grown.

It didn’t take long to work out that not only was my skin healthy and more nourished, but I didn’t need all the extra ingredients listed on the back of most well-known beauty creams. I have been using Cacay oil for over two years now and I am also selling my Cacay Cream to many woman NZ wide.

To take this beautifying oil a step further, I would like to also mention I now use it in its natural form directly on to my skin.  A couple of drops warmed in the palm then dabbed over face, ensuring a few pats around eye and mouth area aren’t missed, will transform your skin into glowing, hydrated and smoother looking skin.  DON’T panic that its pure oil!  Cacay Oil is a very dry oil and therefore absorbs well into the skin and does not leave an oil slick on your face. 😊


Contains 50% more Vitamin E & Linoleic acid than Argan Oil

Three times the amount of Vitamin A that is in Rose Hip Oil

Contains Omega 3, 6, and 9

Each nut is about the size of an apple and contains 3 seeds that are a bit bigger than an almond.

The fruit is the size of a lemon and all its parts are usable.

The peel is used as cattle feed or as compost.

The shell has high heating power with slow combustion, which makes it an excellent bio fuel.

The remaining meal, after extracting the oil, is rich in protein, minerals, omegas and fiber, which makes it ideal as a food supplement.

It contains over 40% protein, all essential aminoacids, and is more digestible than soy meal.

Nut milk is made from the meal, which is an alternative for other milks.